What is the Care for Cars® program?

Care for Cars® is a partnership between the private sector and non-profits, working together to provide affordable car repair for low income residents in order to conduct job searches or retain employment. Case workers and job coaches from social service agencies may refer clients to apply for funding.


How does affordable car repair help our community?

Having reliable transportation enables low income employees get to work on-time and prevents absenteeism. It allows job seekers to pursue a wider range of job options in locations not served by public transportation.


May individuals apply directly to Care for Cars®?

No. All referrals for funding must come through case managers or job coaches based on recommendations for clients that have shown motivation, persistence, and responsibility during their job search process. All clients that are referred must be in an active job search of currently employed.


Why are case managers and job coaches responsible for all referrals?

They are the professionals that are working with their clients and are most able to best verify needs, client responsibility and suitability for referrals. Care for Cars® does not accept self-referrals.


How are clients evaluated for approval for car repairs?

The application process includes a referral sheet sent to our intake coordinators who will then evaluate the car repair needs and cost through our approved mechanics.


Do clients pay for any part of the repair?

Yes, clients will pay 20% or a maximum of $200 for the repair.


How long with the process take?

The initial application process will only take a few days, but repairs will be performed based on the number of applications per month and mechanic availability.


Is there a maximum repair cost?

No, however, intake coordinators will determine if the repairs are worth the cost based on car value.


What kind of repairs will be approved?

It varies according to car age and mileage, as well as, mechanic recommendation. Typical repairs include ignition, brakes, exhaust, fuel and chassis systems.


Who will be doing the car repairs?

All repairs are done by ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Certified Technicians.